Amazing Grace


Introducing Amazing Grace, a candle scent that evokes the fresh and calming aroma of citrus fruits. This blend combines the juicy and sweet smells of 0range, the tangy and refreshing scent of grapefruit, and the zesty and energizing aroma of lime. Orange provides a sweet and juicy citrus note, Grapefruit brings a tangy and refreshing scent, and lime adds a zesty and energizing smell that will uplift your mood and stimulate your senses. This candle is perfect for creating a clean and inviting ambiance in any room, and it’s perfect for those who love the fresh aroma of citrus fruits. Light this candle and let the feeling of being refreshed fill your home, and lift your spirits.


With Dunkington Candle Company candles, you get small batch, hand-poured coconut wax candles using no machinery or assembly lines. Every single candle is prepared and poured by hand, which ensures a quality you won’t find in mass produced candles of any kind.

The design of Dunkington Candle Company candles is clean and uncomplicated, harmonizing with any décor. There are no dyes used in our candles resulting in a natural, ivory tone, allowing the peaceful glow of the candlelight to show through the candle.

You will find that our candles burn cleanly, with little or no sooty buildup. This results in cleaner air filters in your home and lessens the chance of allergy and asthma problems. There are no harmful chemical components associated with the combustion of coconut wax.

**Candle jars are made of eco-friendly recycled glass and come in a matte white finish. Candle lids are made of BPA free & lead-free metal and come in a silver finish.**